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Vietnam Drama Romance Movie: Black Forest | English Subtitles Full Movie

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Date Posts: 01-18-2017 21:00
Vietnam drama romance movies: Black Forest | English subtitles full movie. ➜ SUBSCRIBE: Black Forest is an intense and dramatic movie about complex family relationships, instinctive love affair and the mystical relationship between humans and the mysterious jungle set amid scary wild. Coming back home after two years in prison for his "illegal logging" father, Hoat bumps into his sister-in-law when she is committing adultery with her lover. Knowing his father and brother going into the Black Fall, a sacred forest, to cut down trees for timber, he decides to follow them and engages in the dangerous place. Then he meets Van and falls in love with the young active woman. Can their newly blossomed love survive when Van is the woman that... Hoat's father wants to marry? Director: Vuong Duc Cast: Thach Kim Long, Kieu Trinh,... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V-SENSE – TOP VIETNAMESE MOVIES ➜ FANPAGE: ➜ TWITTER: ➜ INSTAGRAM: ➜ GOOGLE PLUS: