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Oeroeg - Full Movie

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Date Posts: 11-16-2015 23:35
Set in Indonesia, OEROEG (GOING HOME) is the story of a friendship between two boys who grow up together, Johan (son of a Dutch plantation owner) and Oeroeg (son of a foreman). In the days following World War II, Indonesian nationalists wage an armed struggle against the Dutch colonial authorities. Johan, now a 24-year-old soldier, is assigned to restore authority in Indonesia. On his arrival at the plantation, Johan discovers the body of his father, brutally slain by Indonesian freedom fighters. Briefly, Johan sees the face of the murderer and recognizes his old friend Oeroeg. Johan and Oeroeg find themselves on opposite sides of a battle where there can be no victors. GOING HOME is a moving story about friendship destroyed by politics and war. Watch more Eyeworks videos ► Join us. Subscribe now! ► visit our website ► Be our fan on Facebook ► Follow us on Twitter ► ------------------------------­---------­---- Thanks for all your support, rating the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated! Please: respect each other in the comments. This is the official YouTube channel of Eyeworks . Here you can find trailers, teasers and the latest movies. #eyeworks