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Date Posts: 07-17-2017 00:50
Are you resistant? You never crying? Now is the time to test yourself... And if you do not crying... It means you are not human and you have no soul...This is the most powerful Chinese drama in the last 20 years..It took 20 years to produce this movie.English, Romanian and Indonesian subtitles... Chinese 唐山大地震 Mandarin Tángshān Dà Dìzhèn Directed by Feng Xiaogang Produced by Huayi Brothers Screenplay by Su Xiaowei Story by Zhang Ling Starring Zhang Zifeng Xu Fan Zhang Jingchu Chen Daoming Lu Yi Zhang Guoqiang Li Chen Music by Wang Liguang Cinematography Lü Yue Edited by Xiao Yang Distributed by Huayi Brothers Release date 22 July 2010 Running time 135 minutes Country China Language Chinese Budget less than $25 million Box office 665 million yuan (US$108 million)