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EL COYOTE-the last movie----2012(full, uncut, unrated)

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Date Posts: 08-30-2012 01:20
BAD just got WORSE! EL COYOTE-the last movie,(2012) is a classic good verses evil story, a traditional western, set in present day Mexico. Here corruption and violence are the norm. And the only person who could help now has to be worse than the bad guys. A wandering devil worshiping serial killer named El Coyote comes to the terrorized village of La Cruz. And so many people need killing, he becomes the hero. In the process of shooting a movie about the violence that has engulfed Mexico, that very violence came right into the film. A small band of cartel gangsters, 'narcos' got word of an American film crew making a movie in the area. They assumed we had lots of money so they paid a visit to the set. They murdered most of the crew and cast. writen and directed by Sergio Coyote and Damian Rodriguez starring Sergio Coyote, Carlos Garza, and Ruben Dario cinematography by Rick Lopez edited by Damian Rodriguez produced by Damian Rodriguez Sergio Coyote, and Humberto E. Flores