SO MUCH FOOD! - MBK Center, Bangkok, Thailand

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Date Posts: 09-25-2016 22:30
If you enjoyed, please THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE for more! Thank you!! Day 4 in Bangkok. We spent the day getting to our new hostel and going to MBK shopping center. This is the place to go if you want the cheaper deals! We stumbled into the food market outside the mall when we were leaving, and we got to try a wide variety of meats and desserts being sold. It was awesome! Scary moment at the end when our cab driver that could barely see turned into traffic and hit a man on a motorbike. The bike driver was fine, but we felt bad for him! Tomorrow we head to Ayutthaya, a city about 50km north of Bangkok with awesome old temples. I'm definitely enjoying the smaller cities here so far over the big ones. September 19, 2016 Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Snapchat - jordanrpike Music: Reynier -