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Love Socks Movie - Full Movie - Australian Romantic Comedy Indie Feature Film - Bloopers Included!

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Date Posts: 05-14-2017 17:53
Like it? Please Donate at To help new us to bring to life new movie based on Love Socks's writer new book "Inspiring Stories of Desperation & Perspiration" Made on a tiny budget, this heart felt love story Feature Film based on a real life health condition that few people are aware of called Reynauds Phenomenon, was brought to life by the passion for movies and storytelling, and the collaboration of many very talented film professionals from Film, TV and Theatre, who felt in love with the story. It features an outstanding Australian Cast & Crew, also the most beautiful Soundtrack from renowned Artists from Australia and Brazil. So happy and proud to soon be sharing Love Socks with all of you, all around the world! Thank you so much for your amazing support throughout this journey! LOVE SOCKS MOVIE SYNOPSIS LOVE SOCKS is a heart-warming story about love, family, friends and bodily function anomalies! It’s a romantic comedy that follows the story of Frederica. As a child she is diagnosed with a phenomenon known as Raynaud’s, which in her case means she will sneeze forever. Frederica discovers her only respite from this affliction is to wear socks to provide warm to her extremely cold feet. The film exposes the heartaches that ensue when she loses her socks and how her insecurities affect and jeopardize her relationships. Ultimately, LOVE SOCKS is about letting go of our fears, those inner voices holding us back from opportunities and embracing life and happiness. The film stars a stellar Australian cast, including Michele Mattiuzzi (Home & Away), Shailla Quadra (Dealing With Destiny), Natalie Rose, Khanh Trieu, Olga Markovic (Deadly Woman), Amber Gokken and many more!   Cinematography by Jack Kelly and Marc Stimson, and a beautiful international soundtrack with some of the best voices from Australia & Brazil, including Snez, Sally Street, Daniel Fontes, Mano Tales, DJ Doido and many more!   LOVE SOCKS is the first feature film as a Writer-Producer-Director-Actress-Editor for the film creator Shailla Quadra.   LOVE SOCKS is partly based on true events.   Complete Credits and behind the scenes photos at Official website: